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I was paying a high copay, and into paying my Medicare Part B Premium, Kathy Hair was able to show me how I can save on my copayments. She also assisted me with information on how I could get assistance with payment to help with coverage on my Part B plan. Her knowledge and overall assistance helped with a savings of over $1,735.20 for the year. 

- Mrs. Kathleen McMillan 

 I was referred to Mrs. Kathy Hair by a friend, for assistance with my 401K rollover from 2 previous employers. She was very knowledgeable! She was able to walk me through the process and she made certain that I understood fully before commiting. Mrs. Hair was very patient with me. If for any reason, I needed questions or assistance she followed up in a timely fashion. I was able to successfully rollover my funds, and I have earned a great return as my funds continue to grow. I was very pleased with her professionalism and service.  

- Mrs. Carzette Moseley

 Mrs. Hair is very known within the community as someone who cares...I trusted that I would be in good hands when reaching out to her for assistance. She was able to assist me and my family with all of our insurance needs. What I remember the most about Mrs. Hair was how she took the time to get to know me and the needs of my family. She was strongly interested in providing what we needed opposed to what she thought was best for us. She was very attentive and professional throughout the process. Due to this she was able to provide my family and I with insurance that met our specific needs.  

- Mr.and Mrs Jamal Barnett

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