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Kathy M. Hair sets the foundation of building trust and long-lasting relationships between clients and the community. Mrs. Hair combines her formal training and entrepreneurial wisdom, along with years of experience in the insurance business to offer clients policies that best fit their needs. With an emphasis on community and customer service, Kathy Hair was voted in as the people’s choice in 2018. Her famous slogan; “We go to Kathy Hair, because we know she cares” was given due to her charitable amount of giving and superb customer service amid the seniors in Hillsborough county.

Her dedication to customer satisfaction has earned her excellent rating from her professional peers, and local businesses and agencies. With over thirty years of experience, Kathy Hair has been serving the greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties while upholding the integrity and values of a leader, as well as a professional to the community. She has taken an active role in creating a respectful and trusting work environment about matters concerning her client’s needs.

Today, Hair’s advisory of Insurance services extend from assisting clients applying for Medicaid—Medicare HMO Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, Final Expense, Health, Disability, Dental & Vision, Long Term Care, Mortgage Insurance, Key Insurance, Legal Shield, Annuities and Notary services. Kathy Hair is a frequent speaker at local and regional events—bringing a unique understanding on customer care and how it affects the well being of clients, as well as the community.



Kathy M. Hair is the founder of the "The Unique Umbrella Effect". A networking community of entrepreneurs and small business owners coming together to advance their knowledge, skills and opportunities within their businesses, as well within the community. Married for over 30 years, Kathy Hair and her husband has one male child. As a certified independent Insurance Broker, Kathy Hair believes in serving her community with the same love attention she gives her family. I give all the Glory to God for all that He is doing and done in me and my family life.

Her services extend from, creating and coordinating special events, community and non-profit fundraising, women conferences and business seminars. Kathy Hair takes great pride in her work. Providing financial and educational services is her specialty. She enjoys assisting prospective clients with the information they need to ease the stress that goes along with making long-term financial decisions. Kathy Hair's has built a name and a personal brand for herself, within the community and among her peers as being an asset, in the community, as well as in the insurance industry.

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